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1.1.     Quickly Recap

1.2.     Add Base Repository into Pattern

1.3.     Diagram of the new Pattern

1.4.     Class Diagram of Base Repository

1.5.     Demo: Use Unit Test

Quickly Recap

2.1.     Common Design of Pattern using Repository and Unit Of Work

2.2.     Presentation Layer, Business Logic Layer and Data Access Layer

2.3.     Repositories are where the code manipulates database is placed



Add Base Repository into Pattern

3.1.     Add a Base Repository to implement some common functions like Add, Update, Delete, Save, GetEnityByID, GetListByCriteria, etc

3.2.     There is a Repository for each Entity

3.3.     All Repositories for Entities inherit the Base Repository

3.4.     Repository for Entity can implement some functions of it own for some specific requirement


Diagram of the new Pattern

4.1.     Class Diagram of Base Repository

4.2.     Private Fields

4.3.     Public Properties

4.4.     Constructions

4.5.     Public Functions



Demo: Use Unit Test

5.1.     Test Adding an Entity

5.2.     Test Modifying an Entity

5.3.     Test Deleting an Entity

5.4.     Test Clone and Copy of Entity



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